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Placeholder element only used in Pattern Lab demos.

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Twig Usage
{% include '@bolt-components-placeholder/placeholder.twig' with {
  text: 'Bolt Placeholder Example',
  size: 'large',
  animated: true
} only %}
Note: when assigning component props as HTML attributes on a web component, make sure to use kebab-case.
Prop Name Description Type Default Value Option(s)

How large is this placeholder?

string medium
  • xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge

Should this placeholder have an animated border?

boolean false
Install Install
npm install @bolt/components-placeholder
Dependencies @bolt/core-v3.x @bolt/lazy-queue


Bolt Placeholder Example
Bolt Placeholder Example

placeholder sizes variations

xsmall Placeholder
small Placeholder
medium Placeholder
large Placeholder
xlarge Placeholder